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Hellena gives blowjob and rides the stiff cock

Monday, May 17th, 2010

It’s no coincidence that this slut’s name is one of my few favorite names coz this girl happens to be related to the wild and feisty bombshell who produced the first ever amateur porn video that I’ve watched as a teen. So it’s really not surprising that they got the same name. I guess they’ll be handing it down to the next generations, provided that they’d continue creating species of their kind who’s as hot and as horny as this featured chick today here on These photos reveal the gorgeous genes they possess and it’s really not hard to see. With this chick’s perfect big breasts, her equally perfect curves (ooohh… that ass!), her shaven pussy, and sultry looks — complete fucking package. Some package I won’t mind getting from any courier that would drop by my flat even on the wee hours of the morn.

In these photos Oral Girlfriends have collected, it shows how kinky she could get once she hits the horny button. Fishnets and body stockings will never go out of style with this chick. The mesh falls perfectly on her wonderland of a body, you can never resist that. She’s a fucking tease wearing these things, her looks alone gives me a painful boner. She likes sucking on her boyfriend’s big dick and she likes it even more to the ride the lucky thing! She says she spends at least 5 minutes just teasing and licking and sucking a dick before choking it between her legs and in her cunt. View the complete picture collection here, watch how she gives her man a nice blowjob.

Chick sucks dick in locker room

Monday, April 19th, 2010

If this is a fad, I swear all my fucking friends would bombard me into feeding their picture collections into my posts and none of yours will come detected, more so, get into the Oral Girlfriends‘ limelight. Your efforts will go into wasteland and you’d just have to bear looking at photos you’d wish you own. Ha! Ok am not really being sadistic on any level but it could be possible, so ask your gods to help you on that. I’m referring to babes who like giving their preys a kinky blowjob before or after a big event. I think it’s an obvious hint if the slut sucks a woody in a locker room — the dude is, more or less, a fucked up athlete of a sort who could do a few stretches down there.

I’m no athlete but I do know how to play ball. But the best part of knowing any games that include bathing in sweat and losing a few pumps on breath is the fact that even if I really don’t play at all, some wild girl would come begging me to shove my cock inside her mouth or, if I get any luckier, let me stick it inside her cunt as well. All we got to do is give some lame excuse for visiting the lockers more often than needed and come out looking haggard and shit but with the I’m-so-fucked-and-in-heaven-right-now smile and start a riot about it. This chick don’t just suck on your woody right away, she comes to you prepared by warming herself up just the way you see in these pictures. She’s even hotter when she plays with herself so you won’t have a tough time getting that limp dick up. If I were an athlete and I got my stuff in this locker, I wouldn’t mind staying in a little longer if I were to get some hot visit from my cocksucking bitch. Bookmark now and be one of ‘em horny dudes who dream of becoming an athlete in and out of the gym by getting your adrenalin booster here.

Various bitches giving head

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Get a load of this Oral Girlfriends episode and meet these dick-hungry sluts who are willing to even take your boner inside their mouths and pussy. There’s not one dude who do not want to get their horny so I’m positive that you are going to enjoy looking at these hot photos. Like what the title implies, these are a collection of different bitches enjoying their throbbing meals. And us, on another lucky hand, get to savour their dirty naughty deeds. It’s really not hard to get a boner when you view things like these. And it’s never difficult to imagine yourself getting the hot blowjob in place of these dudes coz you’ll always find that little spark inside you that’s ready to ignite. This will cause you to spend one hell of a good time with your dick, making it cum mad and just make a complete mess out of your pad. makes great things happen and these things happen, more often than not, inside your humble and cozy bedrooms. And of course, we make sure that the chicks we post here are worth every drop of your jizz. We only give you the hottest and the most horny cocksucking girlfriends around. So don’t miss out on this collection and visit here to get a glimpse of this dick stiffening adventure.

Diddi sucks dick and gets stuffed in the pussy

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Oral Girlfriends welcomes another sizzling chick who knows how to make a cock hard with the use of her teeth, tongue, mouth, and lips. All these work together to make the experience as pleasurable as possible, the kind of BJ any man won’t forget. I usually browse through photos of bitches alone so I can concentrate more on getting my cock hard but a friend of mine coincidentally dropped by as I was already squeezing my balls while looking at these pics and she caught me red handed (my hand full of my balls, to be exact). And she said she swears she saw my mouth literally hang open, which made her flush and horny in an instant. Well, damn, I can hump a jello any moment I see someone get aroused by something (or someone) so I’d say I share the same perverted sentiments with her.

Ok so, I got caught but then while jacking off to the pictures of this cocksucking, blond and busty Diddi chick, my friend sat beside me and started to rub herself on me. She kept glancing at my reaction and got too horny that she grabbed my dick and gave me the kind of blowjob we saw on this gallery. I’ll be damned if that didn’t help a bit! Of course the real thing made me squirm and moan more. It felt just too good that I didn’t have the split second control over my cum that it shoots right between her eyes. Good thing she took it like a pro and even licked her mouth clean and swallowed my jizz. This is all because of Diddi’s wild pictures so if you want to experience this to, click here to view Diddi’s blowjob and fucking pictures so you can have a taste of her charm too. Visit often for fresh and sticky updates.

Dianna sucks on huge hard dick

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Oral Girlfriends gathered some pretty good stuff for you today. These are pictures from a babe who’s engrossed with nothing but what’s hard and big and of course, something that will fit right into her warm mouth and cunt. Of course I’m talking about dicks. Although at some point, these bitches prefer to play with things that won’t fight back or mess their faces with cum. Yeah, those dildos and vibrators and other lifeless objects that they can stuff their pussies with. But this has got nothing of those boring stuff coz we’re featuring a hot chick who wanted the real thing. See, she’s been to this blind date and the moment she met the dude, they hit it off right away. And when I say right away, I mean, they didn’t last with the getting-to-know-you shit and they didn’t finish their dinner date coz they just went to her place and did this. How hot is that, eh? And to top it all off, they both agreed on exposing their kinky selves here on! Swell.

Dianna seems all too prepared for this. Just check out her pictures and see that nice shaven pussy, it’s just too clean and…err…ready. Well, I guess it is a must for anyone who wanted to get laid like this. Meeting someone with the same amount of raging hormones as you calls for a fucking awesome celebration under the sheets. And we can only guess how this nifty encounter turned out. I’m positive though that they did have some crazy night together. This chick confessed that her jaw hurt from too much cocksucking and her used-to-be tight pussy become sore coz of the excessive fucking. And these all happened in just one night. View the entire party here and maybe you can be the next lucky guy who’d go on a blind date with this horny bitch.

Topless Latina teen sucks dick

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Latinas, Latinas, Latinas… Just can’t get enough of them. I’m not sure what’s it about these sizzling chicks that make us think of fucking them a lot more often that the ones that we already have, in handy, just about anywhere we go. Am not saying that these bitches are hard to find, no, but they’re not that so easy to get. Oh, don’t get me wrong, am not implying that there aren’t much Latina whores and sluts. But what I’m saying is that when you happen to meet one, they always have some game played on you first before you can get the prize. In my own personal horny opinion, am not much of a foreplay fan, but since I already know how these chicks hold their preys by the leash, play with them, and reward them for a job well done, am all for it.

In today’s episode of Oral Girlfriends, we have, none other than (drumroll please), pictures of a hot teen Latina who likes to suck and chew on dicks. Now this is just a healthy treat for all of us with dongs that behave like cobras summoned out from a wicker basket. You know that silly sound that comes out from that instrument, which they use to make those snakes stand and dance? Well, this Latina chick don’t have to learn to use such summoning charm just to give you that boner. See, in these photos, she teases you first by showing off her tits while wearing her favorite lacy lingerie. And of course, this won’t work without her carefully practiced provocative poses. And at times, she doesn’t have to practice at all coz when you let your hormones do the talking, you’ll eventually do all these things effortlessly and the outcome’s just an all-natural fucking treat. She looks confident enough exposing herself and she’s even more awesome to share her love for cock-sucking here on We still have a lot to show you, so don’t stop now, do visit this link as often as your energy would allow.

Naked Casey gives her boyfriend a head

Monday, September 7th, 2009

This kinky babe isn’t just into the typical pulling down of pants and sucking hardons, she’s also into exposing herself and what she is underneath those clothes — in front of the camera. These photos reveal just how naughty she can be, showing off her skin and everything in between. Yes, in between her legs lie a very wet and juicy pink pussy that’s screaming to get licked and fucked. She likes to take her clothes off and make these hot poses for the camera and she’s into a lot of poking and licking and sucking. And when I say all these, I mean she does all these. And she’s also into pussies. Yes, as hot as she is, I didn’t think that she would also like to lick another pussy! It’s in these photos, you just have to browse all of these to see it. Trust me, it’s not that hard to spot. It’s a whole new step for, eh? And you think the chicks right here just like to perform oral sex on a guy’s dick. Well, you thought wrong. There’s hard evidence right here. And like I said, it’s not hard to find. This is a set of pictures that will drive your balls nuts. As you can see, the samples here are already hot and I’m telling you, it gets better. You just have to view the entire collection of photos here and savor each still like it was just in front of you, in the flesh. Don’t wait any longer coz I bet that naughty boner‘s dying to get out and, well, stick itself inside something moist and warm and tight. Oral Girlfriends is always jampacked with hot stuff that you’ll find very useful for your everyday wanking and am pretty sure you’ll be back for more.

Busty babe giving wild head

Monday, August 10th, 2009

We hit the jackpot with this babe we are featuring today here in Oral Girlfriends. Why? Well, because she’s not just into giving steamy heads, but she’s got the perfect body and face that we all love to jack off to. These photos are just a little part of her entire kinky nature and of course we got the whole lot for you to enjoy. But first, it’ll be as equally awesome if you’d pay attention to this story that she wants to share, something worth reading especially if you’re the type who got a very horny head or heads on you. One who gets real hard real fast when you see bitches‘ legs wide apart, pink and moist pussies, firm and round breasts, sexy asses, and just about the complete package, which, again, we have right now for all of you.

She says that she and her newfound friend were supposed to go to this party but ended up in her flat instead. It was with her way of talking that got this dude turning his car at the opposite corner and found their way to this bitch’s garage. He actually thought that she’s flirting with him, and maybe he got that signal right, since they’ve came up with all these hot photos. And who could resist those gigantic tits?! She was actually wearing a tight turtle neck top that perfectly trace her huge mounds and perky nipples. They got in the house, nobody else was there, and the rest is history. The highlight of their sexcapade’s the time this slut spent sucking on her fuck buddy’s huge cock. She swears she could’ve lasted the entire day giving head and swallowing cum coz she was just too horny. Her friend, who invited them at the party, kept on calling her mobile phone and at one point she thinks she accidentally accepted the call and made her friend hear what’s going on on her end of the line. Come next day, the rest of the perverted community’s clicking on to see these.

These bitches just love to suck on cocks

Monday, July 13th, 2009

This edition will literally blow your dicks up because I’ll be showing you these pictures of a number of chicks who made cock-sucking their favorite pastime. Yes, this set is actually made of various slutty girls who find giving a great BJ a kind of accomplishment for their perverted tastes. If some girls pig on chocolates or junk food when they need to keep their energy flowing, well, these kinky group prefers a huge cock to suck on and if they get luckier, get tons of jizz on their sexy bodies and pretty faces. Look at them go with those throbbing shafts, it’s like watching cavemen eat food for the very first time. Discovering how orgasmic it feels while you chew on your meat and greens and even more satisfying when you swallow the juices these delicious grub give out.

These bitches of Oral Girlfriends live up to their titles, in every photo that you see, it’s quite obvious how hungry they are for some fun dick-munching. And you can see in their facial expressions the ecstasy that they must be feeling while they lick and suck the dick in front of them. Savoring each touch of the tongue on every inch of flesh that’ll soon explode with cum on wherever the long and hard cock‘s aiming at. It doesn’t matter if it’s on their tits or pussy or face, and it doesn’t matter too if every splash of jizz would come dripping inside their mouths – this is what they actually wanted. So to have a better look at all these sluts and a whole lot more, click on and enjoy the view.

Horny cock-sucking and jizzed bitches

Monday, May 18th, 2009

It’s a double treat and it’s only here in Oral Girlfriends! We got two hot chicks who both love to suck cocks and totally love to get cummed on. It’s actually an ultimate fantasy for every living dong, young and old, to have at least two of these in bed while they nibble and suck on your dicks, right? You can’t possibly say no to this because if one single mouth can make you so fucking horny and would make that cock go wild and nasty, imagine how it’ll feel like having two mouths licking and sucking the life out of you.Yeah, heaven ain’t it not? Well, these photos are just so hot and wild for the simple fact that the slutty chicks involved love doing hot and wild things too. I admire the way they spend their free time, you know, munching on throbbing schlongs and getting smothered with its sticky goo when it cums on their faces and sexy bodies. owns a lot of these types of chicks and we also have a lot more wilder collection and this is just like a sample of better things to cum… err…come. The entire collection of sticky and hot photos of these chicks you can find here so just click it and view them all. I swear you’d be wanking off that willy in no time.